SMT Data’s software solution ITBI upgraded to support Tailored Fit Pricing (TFP)

SMT Data’s software solution ITBI upgraded to support Tailored Fit Pricing (TFP)

SMT Data has upgraded its ITBITM software solution to support the new IBM Mainframe Cost Model, Tailored Fit Pricing (TFP). With this upgrade SMT Data can help benchmarking companies’ current mainframe cost model with TFP to understand Pros and Cons of an eventual move to TFP.

“Classic cost models are based on counts of Millions of Instructions Per Second (MIPS) which are multiplied by a factor which is looked up in a table. TFP is based on Millions of Service Units (MSU) which are multiplied by a factor delivered in SMF records from the Mainframe itself” – says Mads Ehlers Rasmussen, CIO at SMT Data – “SMT Data’s ITBI solution has been extended to capture MSU counts as well as the delivered factors from relevant SMF records thereby enabling the tool to apply a TFP cost view on the reporting dimensions of interest. No Enterprise should expect a black or white answer to which cost model is best. But our consultants can use the ITBI tool to analyze technical log data from your it-infrastructure to understand your business pattern and advice on how you can get the most benefit from each cost model and which limitations they may give you. Based on this you will be a lot better suited to decide which cost model to go with for your future multimillion it-infrastructure bills.” Says Mads Ehlers Rasmussen.

ITBI by SMT Data is a tool to continuously monitor and optimize it-infrastructure cost. The tool can be applied on all types of it-infrastructures, counting Public Cloud, Servers/Private Cloud and Mainframe. A major strength in the ITBI tool is the ability to do business- and cost mapping. Read more about ITBI here.

For more information about ITBI contact Jan Vilstrup, CCO and Partner.

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