Managed Services for ITBI™ for IBM Z

SMT Data’s Managed Services help ensure that the customer gets the most out of the ITBI solutions. By making use of the managed services, the customer’s own in-house requirements for resources and skills are reduced. The services can also be used for skills transfer to the customer’s own staff.

Our managed services allow you to focus on your daily tasks while securing that you achieve your objectives with the implementation of strategic continuous optimization of the utilization of your IT infrastructure.


SMT Data consultants carry out ongoing analysis of the capacity and performance characteristics of the customer’s installation. SMT Data and the customer hold regular meetings to go through the findings and recommendations based on the ITBI solution. In addition to helping the customer achieve cost savings through ongoing capacity and performance optimization, Managed Services also ensures skills transfer the customer staff so they can get maximum value out of the solution.

What we will deliver

  • Start-up Workshop with the Customer including agreement of any customer specific reporting requirements
  • Ongoing assessment of the general performance and capacity characteristics of the customer’s environment by SMT Data consultants and reporting of any significant anomalies to the customer
  • Ongoing assessment of customer specific reporting requirements, as agreed during the startup workshop
  • Regular (typically monthly or quarterly) meetings between the customer and an SMT Data consultant to review the findings and recommendations. This includes a standard presentation with specific tuning or cost savings recommendations as well as follow-up on previous recommendations. The regular meetings are also used to ensure skills transfer to the customer staff in the use of ITBI.


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Time frame

This is an ongoing service with monthly or quarterly meetings.

Customer requirements

The customer has the ITBI solution implemented and the SMT Data consultant has access to the system.

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