ITBI Solution

Cost Allocation.

The ITBI™ Cost Allocation solution demystifies the perception that the mainframe is a costly “black box” and enhances transparency as well as accountability. Cost Allocation is not just about cost savings but also about gaining a competitive edge by enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making agility.

Open the Black Box

By integrating sophisticated IT Business Intelligence tools, executives can now access detailed insights into mainframe usage and costs. This visibility answers critical questions such as ‘who is using how much, when, at what cost and why?’ transforming ambiguous cost allocations into precise, actionable data. This fosters a deeper understanding of your mainframe expenses and streamlines cost accountability across business units and IT operations, leading to more reliable financial planning and budgeting.


Driving Mainframe Value

Maximizing the value of your mainframe investments is crucial for operational sustainability and strategic advantage. Our ITBI solution leverages detailed SMF data feeds and advanced analytics to optimize the use of Million Service Units (MSUs), potentially saving 2-5% in capacity costs. This directly enhances IT operational performance by retiring obsolete legacy tools and adopting modern capacity management solutions.

The approach supports decision-making by providing executives with enhanced local and global reporting capabilities. These improvements drive cost efficiency and equip leaders with the tools needed to make informed decisions swiftly, ensuring that technology investments align with business objectives and market dynamics.

Strategic Tradeoff Management

The strategic management of trade-offs is pivotal in maintaining a balance between cost, performance, and growth. Our ITBI framework aids executives in navigating these complexities by offering tailored insights into software licensing models like Workload Licensing Charges (WLC) and Tailored Fit Pricing (TFP). These insights allow for an informed selection between different billing models – either focusing on peak usage or overall consumption – based on their impact on the organization’s financial and operational goals. Furthermore, the solution addresses the challenges of storage optimization by implementing strategic clean-ups of storage media, which significantly reduces storage costs without compromising service quality. This optimizes cost and also future-proofs your organization against technological shifts, making it a versatile tool for managing corporate mainframes efficiently.

By providing a comprehensive integration framework, ITBI supports its users in unlocking the full potential of their data, enabling more informed decisions and comprehensive insights through seamless integration and advanced analytical capabilities.

  • Enhanced Transparency and Accountability

    The ITBI Cost Allocation solution provides detailed insights into mainframe usage and costs, transforming ambiguous allocations into precise, actionable data, fostering cost accountability, and enabling more reliable financial planning.

  • Maximizing Mainframe Value

    Leveraging detailed SMF data and advanced analytics, ITBI optimizes MSUs, potentially saving 2-5% in capacity costs, enhancing operational performance, and supporting robust decision-making for technology investments aligned with business objectives.

  • Strategic Tradeoff Management

    ITBI supports executives in navigating complexities by offering tailored insights into software licensing models and storage optimization, optimizing cost while future-proofing the organization against technological shifts and ensuring alignment with financial and operational goals.