DevOps Optimization

The focus of DevOps Optimization is to get applications into production with increased agility. The objective of this service is to understand the performance and capacity considerations of new applications as they move into production.

ITBI™ creates transparency into which applications are using how much capacity on the mainframe, and when they are using that capacity.


The objective of this offering is to provide a common basis for dialog between the developers and the operations staff about how mainframe capacity costs are affected by the current application portfolio and how changes to applications affect those costs.

What we will deliver

SMT Data carries out a series of workshops with representatives from the customer’s operations and development organisations. The workshops are based around the information available in the ITBI solution. The number of workshops will vary based on the size and complexity of the customers environment, but typically include:

  • A kick-off workshop to go through the technical reporting on capacity usage available in the ITBI solution andagree on how to map the technical dimensions (e.g. transactions, job, packages, users) to applications and thereby make it easier to understand and quantify the capacity usage in application terms. This workshop will also include identification of the important cost drivers, e.g. the applications contributing to the monthly peak utilization, to ensure focus on actions that will result in real cost savings. The workshop will also include basic training in the use of ITBI to analyse the capacity and performace of the mainframe.
  • Based on the input from the kick-off workshop, SMT Data consultants will implement the agreed mapping and create custom reports focusing on the customer’s specific OpsDev challenges. At the next workshop,these new reports will be reviewed. Findings and recommendations for specific cost optimization activities will also be reviewed.
  • Additional meetings are held monthly or quarterly. This allows for an ongoing identification of new optimization recommendations and follow up on the status and impact of previous recommendations. The mapping and custom reports are continuously improved based on feedback from the previous meetings.


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Time frame

1 month including 2 workshops. The kick-off workshop is normally held at project start and a follow-up workshop one month later. Additional workshops can be held monthly or quarterly after that, as long as the customer wishes to continue the service.

Customer requirements

This offering assumes that the customer has implemented ITBI and that the basic technical data required for OpsDev analysis is already in place. SMT Data’s consultants also require access to interview customer staff to both from Operations and Development in order to implement application mapping and develop custom reports.

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