ITBI Solution

Standard Reports.

ITBI™ collects, aggregates and processes extensive technical capacity and performance data. You gain access to over 500 standard reports through the ITBI Customer Portal, which is accessed through the SMT Data website.

Enhanced Navigation and Support Features

The ITBI menu is designed for ease of use, featuring a search function that helps you find reports using specific keywords. For additional support, the Help Universe provides knowledge articles and guidelines, aiding users in maximizing the platform’s capabilities.


Customization Options for Advanced Users

Advanced users seeking tailored reports can either request custom reports from the SMT Data consultancy team or create their own using the BI Advanced or BI Developer Access license, which includes a desktop-based Report Builder client. This flexibility supports diverse business requirements and enhances user engagement with the data.

Standard report coverage:









Mainframe software analysis and optimization

Data Architecture

  • Extensive Report Library

    ITBI offers over 500 standard reports that cover a wide array of topics related to Mainframe sub-systems, ensuring a vast majority of reporting needs are met.

  • Detailed Analysis

    Users can dive deeper into data with drill-down capabilities, allowing for a more granular analysis and richer insights.

  • Flexible Data Export

    The platform supports easy export of data in various formats, facilitating efficient data management and sharing across systems.