ITBI Solution


ITBI™ transforms your mainframe data into reliable insights for optimizing capacity and performance, driving business success. The system offers detailed visibility into resource usage across your organization, identifying who is using which resources and to what extent.

The solution features a comprehensive suite of standard reports that enables you to pinpoint cost drivers, identify performance bottlenecks and detect changes affecting cost or service quality. In addition, ITBI enhances your technical data with business dimensions, promoting transparency in the relationship between capacity costs and business activities.

ITBI’s intuitive design provides an easy-to-navigate user interface. It includes features such as report search, favorites, user administration capabilities and a dedicated Help Universe for support.

ITBI empowers advanced users to customize analyses by creating or modifying reports and queries, tailoring the solution to meet specific needs. Moreover, ITBI ensures security and compliance with industry best practices and legal mandates delivered as a cloud-based solution: ITBI as a Service (ITBIaaS).