ITBI Solution

Data Lake.

The ITBI™ Data Lake provides you with a comprehensive repository of raw, decoded, and processed data designed to support advanced user engagement through ad hoc queries and programmatic access.

Access and Utilization

Users can initiate ad hoc queries by selecting the “AI Developer” option from the ITBI Portal menu, which directs data analysts straight into the Data Lake via the embedded Amazon Athena user interface. Here, they are presented with a query interface that allows for immediate data inquiries for tasks like prototyping and ad hoc reporting requests.


Contents of the Data Lake

The Data Lake contains three types of data arrangements:

  1. MXG-like Tables include selected fields from supported SMF types, adhering to the same naming and structure as MXG.
  2. Raw SMF in Tables offers nearly all fields from all supported SMF types, mostly decoded, and follows the standard naming and structure of IBM SMF.
  3. Raw SMF Files are available as provided by the customer.

Applications of the Data Lake

The Data Lake serves various functions, from reporting on recently received data within minutes of its arrival at SMT Data to analyzing fields and details not included in the ITBI Data Cubes, which supply the standard reports with data. It supports event-based data reporting and the implementation of complex logic or calculations that are not feasible within the standard BI reports. In addition, it facilitates the creation of graphics or formatting not supported by the BI reports.

Specific use cases include detailed reporting on fields and events obscured in aggregated data and leveraging existing SAS/MXG expertise. These applications, particularly effective for those with a solid understanding of both SMF and MXG structures, maximize the utility of the Data Lake.


  • Direct and Immediate Data Access

    Access a diverse range of data directly through the ITBI portal using Amazon Athena, enabling quick ad hoc queries and prototyping for faster insights and decision-making without delays.

  • Comprehensive Data Inclusion

    From structured MXG-like tables to raw SMF files, the Data Lake covers a comprehensive range of data types, ensuring user access to both high-level summaries and detailed information for various analytical needs.

  • Versatile Integration and Programming Support

    Support for remote ODBC connections allows seamless integration with programming languages like SAS/MXG, enhancing the reuse of existing programs and expertise while facilitating integration with other systems for expanded utility.