Mainframe Cost Optimization


The objective is to deliver significant cost savings through optimization of the customer’s mainframe environment.

This optimization is based on a deep analysis of the mainframe setup and cost drivers.

The analysis is made using ITBI™ and other tools. SMT Data carries out the analysis, identifies specific areas for optimization and assists the customer in carrying out those recommendations.

What we will deliver

Using the IT Business Intelligence tool (ITBI) and other capacity and performance analysis tools as a starting point, SMT Data identifies the top cost drivers, documents opportunities for optimization, and recommends specific tuning activities.

SMT Data will deliver the following document types during the project:

  • A detailed Solution Document for each delivered opportunity, detailing the nature of the change, analysis completed, any risks associated with the change and the expected benefits
  • A Measurement Report for each change implemented to confirm the impact and the commercial value of the change for both the customer and SMT Data
  • Weekly reporting as required by the customer will be produced throughout the project


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Time frame

3-6 months depending on the size and complexity of the customer’s organization and cost structure.

Customer requirements

This offering assumes that the customer has implemented ITBI, or that ITBI is implemented for the duration of the project. SMT Data also requires access to the customer mainframe environment including any performance or capacity tools available in that  environment. Customer staff is available for interviews or to answer questions about the technical setup of the mainframe.

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