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Gain complete technical and financial transparency of your mainframe with ITBI™

IT Security

Control and compliance

Our solution ensures complete control of your data and usage while complying with the highest standards in the field, including DORA and GDPR.

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Business mapping

Understand and optimize

Business mapping and cost allocation transform technical data into business actionable insights. A single, fact-based language that everyone can understand and trust.

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Encourage responsibility

Detailed insights into who is using what and for how much across the entire organization. Transparency shifts responsibility to users and encourages moderate use.

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Data consumption

Cut unnecessary costs

ITBI™ can immediately identify ‘low-hanging fruit’ resulting in 10-15% savings on average. Our solution usually pays for itself within a few months.

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Target Stakeholders.

mainframe cubes target stakeholders

Application Development: Understand the impact of application changes on capacity costs and identify opportunities for optimization.

Capacity Managers: Translate business plans into capacity projections and relate anomalies to applications or business units.

IT Finance: Allocate costs accurately, build better budgets, and understand cost drivers and anomalies.

IT Operations: Prioritize workloads and address performance issues, ensuring stable operations.

Senior Management: Quantify the relationship between capacity costs and business volumes, holding teams accountable for costs and creating reliable plans.

Vendor Management: Understand usage of vendor products and forecast changes in usage based on business plans.


Critical Success Factors for Mainframe Capacity Management at Topdanmark

20. Jun 2023
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