Optimization of IT resource consumption

IT capacity-based
decision making

Hybrid IT Infrastructure
Mainframe • Servers • Cloud


Capacity and performance management

in Enterprise IT Infrastructures
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Mainframe Optimization
Mainframe Optimization

Mainframe Optimization

Optimization starts out with gathering data about what to optimize.

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Capacity and performance management in the distributed environment
Distributed Platforms

Capacity and performance management in the distributed environment

Did you know that in a typical large IT installation, more than half of the servers are either idle or severely underutilized?

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Mainframe outsourcing
Mainframe Outsourcing

Mainframe outsourcing

There are many reasons why companies choose to outsource their mainframe.

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ITBI™ Enterprise Insights

ITBI Enterprise Insights collects, aggregates and processes enormous amounts of technical capacity and performance data.

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ITBI for Z

IT Business Intelligence for z/OS (ITBI for z/OS) supports capacity management and performance analysis for z/OS and gathers log data such as SMF, RMF, and others.

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ITBI for Servers

IT Business Intelligence for Servers (ITBI for Servers) supports capacity management and performance analysis for Windows, Unix and Linux servers.

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ITBI Data Lake

An ITBI AI Developer Access license allows customers to determine what data are going to be stored in the ITBI Data Lake, at what level of granularity and for how long.

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Try the free version of ITBI™

With the ITBIaaS for Z Free Access you can experience the richness of ITBIaaS™  for Z visualizing and analyzing your own data without any kind of binding agreement.  ITBIaaS for Z supports a wide variety of SMF and other records. The Free Access offer is based on just the following records:

  • SMF 70 subtype 1 which gives CPU, PR/SM and ICF activity at the LPAR level
  • SMF 72 subtype 3 which gives performance and capacity information at more detailed level such as workload, service class, and report class. It also includes information on Work Load Manager (WLM)
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IT Finance

  • Charge back
  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting

IT Operation

  • Mainframe Optimization
  • Server rightsizing

Corporate Development

  • M&A
  • Sourcing considerations
  • Journey to Cloud

IT Technical

  • Mainframe Modernization
  • WLM Setup
  • SAS to WPS
  • MIPS Definitions
  • Platform upgrading

Application Development

  • DevOps vs OpsDev
  • Application Capacity optimization
  • Application Performance Management

Procurement & Vendor management

  • Software license optimization
  • Outsourcer Transparency
  • Software audit


How well is your mainframe outsourcer managing capacity and performance?

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Why not pay outsourcers for business outcomes rather than IT Capacity?

15. Mar 2023
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