Trust your mainframe insights

Let’s turn your mainframe into your trusted advisor.

Gain complete technical and financial transparency of your mainframe.
Implement ITBITM today.

IT Security

Control and compliance

Our solution ensures complete control of your data and usage while complying with the highest standards in the field, including DORA and GDPR.

Business mapping

Understand and optimize

Business mapping and cost allocation transform technical data into business actionable insights. A single, fact-based language that everyone can understand and trust.


Encourage responsibility

Detailed insights into who is using what and for how much across the entire organization. Transparency shifts responsibility to users and encourages moderate use.

Data consumption

Cut unnecessary costs

ITBI™ can immediately identify ‘low-hanging fruit’ resulting in 10-15% savings on average. Our solution usually pays for itself within a few months.

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The new mainframe of mind.


The mainframe is seen as a confusing, expensive black box

Most companies struggle to create business value from the huge amounts of capacity and performance data available to them. Questions such as ‘who is using how much, when, at what cost and why?’ often result in ambiguous answers because of the complexity involved.


Mainframe transparency leads to fact-based insights

The best solution on the market has one purpose: To let you trust your insights. Visualization of the data in a unique and detailed way leads to complete transparency. This will give you a clear overview of ‘who is using what and for how much’ and enable accurate forecasts.


Cut unnecessary costs and boost your business

Now you can act on your insights and use them with confidence. A unified language that everyone in your organization will understand; ambiguity will be a thing of the past. Begin cutting unnecessary costs, create accurate forecasts and prioritize the areas with potential growth.

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Top 3 trends you need to know

In this article, our CEO Mads Ehlers Rasmussen reveals the latest mainframe trends and the executives’ top objectives. Download the article and learn how to drive mainframe value through cost allocation.

Download PDF (281 KB)

World leading organizations choose us for a reason.


Market leader now setting the standard for mainframe utilization in the industry as well. ITBI™ results:

  • Outsourcer transparency and control
  • Significant cost savings from technical optimization
  • Fact based dialogue between software development and IT operations

Fact-based decision support is invaluable when servicing 13 million finance customers. ITBI™ results:

  • Transparency across all parameters of IT usage
  • Fact based decisions for IT-operations
  • Increased control and cost reductions
Payment Services

Processing billions of transactions requires control and transparency. ITBI™ results:

  • Costs under control
  • Transparency for IT finance
  • Quick response to unforeseen increase of usage

Ready to turn your mainframe into a strategic solution?

Ingrid Martin, Regional Sales Manager

Ingrid Martin

Regional Sales Manager (DACH)

Ingrid Martin is a highly regarded expert in software sales, known for her innovative approach and deep understanding of evolving market needs. Her exceptional skills in negotiation and client relationship management have significantly contributed to her track record of driving successful sales initiatives in the tech sector.

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Nils N. Andersen

Regional Sales Manager

Nils Nymann Andersen is distinguished in the field of software sales, demonstrating exceptional skills in strategic planning and client relationship management. His profound knowledge of software technologies, combined with a strong track record of sales success, marks him as a leading figure in driving business growth and digital transformation.

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Jan Vilstrup

Chief Commercial Officer

Jan Vilstrup is a highly accomplished software sales professional, renowned for his expertise in crafting effective sales solutions and his keen insight into technological trends. His extensive experience in the software industry has been instrumental in achieving significant sales milestones and fostering lasting customer engagements.

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Mads Ehlers Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mads E. Rasmussen

Chief Executive Officer

Mads Ehlers Rasmussen is a seasoned expert in software sales, known for his innovative strategies and deep understanding of market dynamics.

He has a proven track record in driving sales growth and building strong client relationships in the tech industry.

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  • If anyone would have told me a few years ago: You will find 25% of savings in your Mainframe installation, I would have said: ‘You are slightly optimistic here, aren’t you?’.

    Audun Faaberg, Performance Specialist at DNB

  • I gave them a couple of weeks of mainframe log data – and within a few days they were able to return with a game changing report.

    Luciano Dognini, Mainframe team supervisor at Worldline

  • Now our decisions and optimizations are based on documented facts presented in a good overview and gives us a good understanding of the real cost drivers.

    Lars Henrik Jessen, EVP and Head of Technology and Security Services at KMD

Welcome to SMT Data.

SMT Data

Independent mainframe intelligence

We’re an independent IT company who help large organizations and outsourcers across the world with mainframe optimization and utilization. We have no ties or obligations and only one agenda: To help you understand, use and prioritize your data consumption. With independence comes objectivity, efficiency and agility. We can make your data consumption transparent overnight so you can enjoy the benefits of trustworthy, fact-based insights tomorrow.

Our solution – ITBI™ – is compliant and certified according to the highest standards. On average, we save our clients 10-15% of their IT consumption. ITBI™ usually pays for itself within 3 months.

Our clients see the benefits – that’s why our partnerships span decades.

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IT Business Intelligence

Imagine a platform that not only gathers and processes vast amounts of technical data, but also translates it into an easy-to-comprehend language. Whether your mainframe is inhouse or outsourced, ITBI brings transparency, predictability, and accountability.

Through our Data Processing Engine, we not only aggregate technical capacity and performance data but also enrich it with crucial business, cost, and application insights. The result? Actionable knowledge that empowers you at every level of your organization.

ITBI turns your mainframe data into trustworthy advice for optimizing performance and driving success.

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