ITBI™ Enterprise

SMT Data has developed a unique capacity & performance management solution:  ITBI™ Enterprise.

ITBI Enterprise collects, aggregates and processes enormous amounts of technical capacity and performance data as well as a broad range of other data from customers’ Hybrid IT-infrastructure across multiple platforms: MainframeWindows, and Linux servers, whether these are on-sitecloud-hosted or outsourced. The collected data are transformed by a Data Processing Engine, aggregated, enriched with business, cost and application information, and thereby transformed into useful, actionable knowledge at all organizational levels.

ITBI Enterprise delivers transparency, predictability and accountability in the management of large Hybrid IT infrastructures, empowering IT organizations to deliver the best quality service at the lowest cost.

The ITBI Enterprise Platform can be accessed in different and flexible ways via the ITBI Customer Portal.

ITBI Enterprise is built on a deep understanding of the data, the underlying technical platforms, and the technical and business users’ needs.

The ITBI Customer Portal

The ITBI Customer Portal is accessible via the SMT Data website. When signed in, customers get access to a wide range of features to manage their ITBI Data Fabric.

The contents of left-side menu reflect the acquired licenses:

  • Mainframe Analytics (ITBI for Z)
  • Server Analytics (ITBI for Servers)
  • Data Lake (ITBI Capacity and Performance Data Lake)

The menu contains also a Search Function, helping customers finding the most relevant reports via the use of key-words.

Customers with BI Advanced or Developer Access can work with the Report Builder directly from the same menu.


itbi portal new design

itbi enterprise insights graphic

ITBI – Business Intelligence reporting: ITBI for Z and ITBI for Servers

With ITBI Business Intelligence reporting, the data from the ITBI Capacity & Performance Data Lake are stored into an SQL server warehouse out of which Data Cubes are generated. Custom BI reports are built on top of the standard data available in the cubes.

ITBI Business Intelligence contains more than four hundred standard reports. These reports have been developed over more than thirty years in a tight collaboration with ITBI customers and cover a broad range of topics related to the customer’s IT-infrastructure. This means that most of the reporting needs of most customers, are fulfilled by ITBI Standard Reports out-of the-box.

New standard reports are added when the need of a larger number of customers converge towards specific reporting requirements. In addition to the standard reports, customers can easily create additional own reports. This, together with the possibility for customers to add own data to the ITBI Data Lake makes ITBI a fully customizable, automated Capacity and Performance Platform.

Alerts can be set-up to notify specific people when a given threshold is met.

Key advantages

Over 400 standard reports.

Drill down opportunities.

Easy export of data in various formats.

ITBI - Direct access to the Capacity and Performance Data Lake

Customers with an AI Developer Access can work directly on the collected Capacity and Performace data with the tool of their choice, such as: SAS, WPS Analytics, QL, Python, R, Julia or other programming languages of their preference. Machine Learning (ML) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools can also be applied to the ITBI Data Lake, where data are aggregated at different levels.

The possibility of directly accessing the Data Lake complements the features offered by the Business Intelligence interface and offers extraordinary flexibility to the users of ITBI.

Read more about the ITBI Data Lake here.

Key advantages

Storage of historical data of different levels of aggregation.

Flexible access with different tools.

Near-real time reporting.