Capacity and performance management in Enterprise IT Infrastructures

Our customers all run large and complex IT installations, spanning both IBM Mainframes and servers, running on-premises, outsourced, cloud based or in hybrid IT infrastructures.

To ensure efficiency and transparency, IT Managers must provide insight for the organization. This means sharing a combined view of what is going on in the hybrid IT Infrastructure: how it is utilized, by whom, when, for what and at what costs. And equally important – what can be done to run in a more cost-effective way while delivering good performance and stable IT operations.

ITBI gives the needed overview

ITBITM Enterprise Insights allow teams across the organization to get access to and understand the same data about the hybrid infrastructure. This is done from a web-based portal, allowing users to access hundreds of standard reports, share reports of common interest, create their own customized reports for specific needs, and get alerts about changes or anomalies requiring action.

ITBI Enterprise Insights gives IT managers the needed overview of capacity and performance and related costs across the entire infrastructure.  This allows them to focus on the most important technical and financial KPIs and thereby secure the required service levels for the business, and the highest level of financial accountability. This overview allows managers to create the foundation for business cases and follow up on their execution, enabling change and transformation when needed. At the same time, it enables IT technical and operational staff to easily monitor and analyze performance and capacity, ensuring the best operating environment and a smooth execution of assigned tasks. Specific reports can be shared between the capacity management and the DevOps functions allowing for a constant focus and deep inter-departmental collaboration on application improvement for the benefit of the entire business.

As a standard, ITBI Enterprise Insights includes the most important capacity and performance management data typically needed for analysis and reporting in larger IT infrastructures. The open-platform structure of the solution allows additional measures and dimensions to be easily added to meet any need of the customer. The flexibility of the ITBI Business Intelligence interface allows for deep dives into the data to conduct specific investigations and root cause analysis.

Furthermore directly accessing the large amounts of data collected in the ITBI Data Lake makes delivery of near-real time information readily accessible.

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