Servers Performance and Capacity Management

Webinar on Demand

A webinar by SMT Data

Stability and performance in complex server environments through capacity management

Digitalization is on all large companies’ strategic agenda and the smooth running of applications is crucial to ensure the attainment of corporate KPI’s.

It is typically when things don’t work as they should that we become aware of the importance of having the right capacity compared to the workload requirements.

IT Capacity and performance issues easily translate in significant losses both in terms of economy and of customer satisfaction.

This webinar looks at some of the configuration and utilization metrics that are important to track – CPU, memory, and disk – and shows how to identify servers that have, or are on their way to having, too little capacity compared to the workload requirements.

The webinar also covers managing and understanding the data across thousands of servers and for long periods of time.

The term ‘server rightsizing’ often refers to finding the servers with excess capacity and resizing them to save money. But the other side of rightsizing – identifying the servers with too little capacity compared to the workload requirements – can be even more important.

Over configured servers result in unnecessary costs – but under configured servers impact quality and stability of service and impact your business.

Target Group

  • Head of IT infrastructure
  • Head of distributed platform
  • Head of Digital (CDO)
  • Operations
  • Capacity and Performance
  • Procurement
  • Application Development

In companies with 500+ servers (Windows, Linux – on-site / outsourced / cloud hosted)

Your gains

  • Secure the highest performance of your distributed platform at the lowest possible cost
  • Secure quality and stability of service
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Get better at identifying key indicators to monitor capacity requirements in a large server installations.