Mainframe Tuning

Webinar on Demand

A webinar by SMT Data

Performance tuning is about improving system performance. Most systems will respond to increased load with some degree of decreasing performance. A system’s ability to accept a higher load is called scalability and modifying a system to handle a higher load is synonymous with performance tuning. Tuning is a key factor in improving performance. The goal of performance tuning is to make the best use of your current resources to meet your current objectives.

The presentation provides recommended best practices for Mainframe Performance Tuning

  • How to measure resource requirements at the workload level for more effective performance management
  • How analysing workloads helps to understand the behaviour of the system and the interaction of workloads with each other
  • How to identify and correct application coding errors and inefficiencies in order to deliver faster response times and to achieve better service levels
  • How efficient code results in using less processing power, in helping to minimize usage-based software licensing charges and in reducing the pressure to invest in additional processing capacity
  • The reason you would consider capping techniques
  • Why Central storage also plays an important role in the performance
  • Improving application performance
  • The benefits of Integrated Information Processors (zIIPs) in zOS

Target group

  • Daily users of z/OS Capacity and Performance data
  • Head of Mainframe / Infrastructure
  • Next-generation of Performance Analysts
  • Capacity Planners
  • IT Management