Webinar on Demand

Creating Business Value from Mainframe Capacity Data

Webinar on Demand

A webinar by SMT Data

The mainframe is often seen as a very expensive ‘black box’. This webinar discusses how to answer questions like ‘who is using how much, when, at what cost and why?’. The answers to these questions help decision makers across the organization understand how their decisions affect mainframe costs. We will go through how to map technical measurements such as SMF to applications and business activities, and how do deal with the tradeoffs between what is technically correct, what is fair, and what is simple to implement and understand.

We looked into required data, common approaches, pitfalls, and trade-offs, drawing on years of experience to unlock business value from vast capacity and performance data.

The webinar was hosted by Steven Thomas, CTO at SMT Data.


15:00-15:05 Logon & Welcome by SMT Data
15:05-15:35 Creating Business Value from Mainframe Capacity Data 
15:35-15:45 Q&A
15:45 Thank you for today

Target group

This webinar was specially targeted:

  • Mainframe management
  • IT finance
  • Analysts in the market
  • Others with interest in mainframe

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