ITBI Solution

Integrations & AI.

ITBI™ offers extensive flexibility for integration with custom data sources, advanced presentation tools, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. This accessibility empowers advanced users to analyze data using their preferred tools and ensures seamless integration with both in-house and third-party systems.

Presentation & Analysis Tool Integration

ITBI enhances data analysis through advanced analytical software such as SAS or WPS and supports ad-hoc queries essential for informed decision-making. The platform supports a variety of programming languages and software frameworks through remote ODBC connections. This capability not only promotes the reuse of existing programs and expertise but also facilitates seamless integration with diverse systems. ITBI’s broad compatibility enhances its practical applications and utility, ensuring robust data manipulation and extraction capabilities. Furthermore, the integration with third-party presentation tools not only boosts the analytical capabilities but also ensures that data insights are effectively communicated across platforms.


AI & Machine Learning Integration

ITBI embraces cutting-edge technologies, integrating Machine Learning (ML) and AI tools for advanced predictive analytics and intelligent data processing. Supporting a comprehensive range of analytical tools, including SAS, WPS, SQL, Python, R, and Julia, ITBI enables every data analyst and scientist to use their preferred tool, optimizing both comfort and efficiency. The flexibility in AI and analysis tool integration empowers organizations to leverage enhanced data intelligence, driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge in the data-driven landscape.

Custom Data Integration

ITBI’s capabilities extend to integrating with systems such as the System Management Facility (SMF), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and secure data management through Linux Secure Shell (SSH). It also integrates data from customer interactions and feedback, as well as business and cost mapping processes. Supporting a wide range of data sources, including third-party APIs and common file formats like Excel, CSV, XML, and JSON, ITBI ensures users can aggregate and analyze data from a diverse technological landscape. This comprehensive integration framework enables users to unlock the full potential of their mainframe data, facilitating more informed decisions and comprehensive insights through seamless integration and advanced analytical capabilities.

  • Versatile Integration

    ITBI offers extensive flexibility for integrating with custom data sources, advanced presentation tools, and AI capabilities, ensuring seamless integration with in-house and third-party systems.

  • Custom Analysis Support

    ITBI facilitates detailed analyses through advanced analytical software like SAS or WPS, supporting ad-hoc queries and diverse programming languages via remote ODBC connections, enhancing data manipulation capabilities and enabling informed decision-making.

  • AI & ML Integration

    ITBI embraces ML and AI tools for predictive analytics, supporting a wide range of analytical tools like SAS, Python, and R, optimizing efficiency and allowing organizations to leverage enhanced data intelligence for innovation and competitive advantage.