Consultancy Services.

SMT Data supports clients with several different services, mainly based on the utilization of the ITBI™ solutions. SMT Data prides itself of having among its consultants some of the world’s most renown experts within the fields of capacity and performance management. Our consultants have many years of experience in helping customers with smaller and larger projects aimed at improving the transparency into the IT infrastructure and carrying out specific projects.

Beside the mentioned services listed, we offer specialized ad-hoc consultancy within various subdisciplines within capacity and performance and we can support your specific project adding highly qualified skills to your internal team. These areas include z/OS, Work Load Manager (WLM), Coupling Facility, DB2, CICS, MQ, WAS, etc.

Our consultants have many years of experience especially within Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Retail, Telecommunications, Government Institutions, Manufacturing, and Service Providers. In general costumers with substantial IT installations.

Our senior consultants

World class expert knowledge

Image of Mary Solomon, Senior ITBI Consultant
Mary Solomon
Senior ITBI Consultant

Mary Solomon has been part of the SMT Data team of mainframe consultants since 2018. Mary has an MCA in Computer Application from Sastra University and over 10 years of mainframe experience.

Image of Jens Olesen, ITBI Director
Jens Olesen
ITBI Director

Jens Olesen joined SMT Data in 2007. His main focus is helping customers maximize the benefits of using ITBI. Before joining SMT Data, Jens has worked as consultant for various international financial institutions. He has an extensive experience in technical architecture and cost optimization of infrastructure, middleware and applications on different platforms.

Image of Kim Mortensen, Senior ITBI Consultant
Kim Mortensen
Senior ITBI Consultant

Kim Mortensen joined SMT Data in 2023. Kim has more than 30 years of IT experience and solid knowledge within the IT industry. Kim has great mainframe-specific skills with extensive experience in Mainframe Performance Management and Analysis, and helping customers reduce costs. 

Image of Ralph Amirtharaj, Senior ITBI Consultant
Ralph Amirtharaj
Senior ITBI Consultant

Ralph Amirtharaj joined SMT Data in 2019. Ralph holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering and has extensive experience in Mainframe Architecture, Performance Architecture and Consulting, Performance and capacity Management, Database Administration, Application Performance Tuning and Distributed Capacity Planning.

Image of Steven Thomas, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Steven Thomas
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Steven Thomas has been part of the SMT Data management team since 2011. Steven holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford and has over 40 years of technical and business experience from Saxo Bank, Fidelity Information Services, and IBM.

Image of Mads Ehlers Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Mads Ehlers Rasmussen
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mads Ehlers Rasmussen joined the SMT Data management team in December 2020. Mads holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Computer Science.

Our Areas of Expertise

SMT Data’s consultants assist clients carrying out strategic projects. We have expert staff to help you addressing your challenges within capacity and performance across different platforms.

Their expertise are at your service when facing your daily challenges.


  • Mainframe LPAR configuration
  • Mainframe Architecture
  • Mainframe Availability Management
  • Mainframe Capacity and Performance Management
  • Mainframe Cost Distribution
  • Mainframe Cost Optimization
  • Mainframe infrastructure specialist
  • Mainframe infrastructure architect
  • Mainframe Hardware Optimization
  • Mainframe modernization
  • Mainframe Outsourcer Advisory
  • Mainframe Outsourcing Billing Models
  • Technical project management
  • Mainframe migration and upgrade measure (before, during and after analysis)

Mainframe software analysis and optimization

  • Batch Analysis and Batch Windows Improvement
  • Migration from SAS to WPS
  • Migration from internal developed Capacity Management tools to ITBI
  • Migration from MXG, SAS ITRM to ITBI
  • Migration from CA MICS (MXG + SAS) to ITBI
  • Migration from Tivoli Decision Support (TDS) to ITBI
  • Migration from other Capacity Management tools to ITBI
  • Software Optimization
  • Software Version Optimization
  • WLM Policies setup

Application Development

  • Capacity considerations in software development/OpsDev
  • Workload Offload
  • Mainframe application modernization and offload
  • Application optimization
  • Application performance management
  • Application performance tuning
  • Capacity and Performance impact: before, under and after application changes
  • Technical design and architecture (SOA, microservices, multi-platform)


  • Health check of CICS environment
  • CICS Technical setup and configuration


  • IMS health check
  • IMS Application Performance Tuning

MQ (Message Queuing)

  • Volume and trend / MQ Trace (Queue) Analysis
  • MQ health check

IT Finance

  • Capacity and licenses baseline
  • Budget, forecast and follow up on capacity and licenses
  • IT cost showback/chargeback


  • Distributed Capacity Planning and Server Consolidation
  • Server Rightsizing
  • Optimization
  • Sourcing/Cloud considerations
  • Cost Distribution


  • DB2 Database Administration (DBA)
  • DB2 Data Sharing and Parallel Sysplex Performance and tuning
  • DB2 DSNZPARM review
  • DB2 Health Check
  • DB2 System Programming
  • DB2 Application and System Tuning


  • Performance Engineering
  • Performance and Capacity Management
  • Performance tuning
  • Online Performance Analysis
  • Storage Performance and Capacity Planning
  • Measurements and baselining

Datacenter architecture

  • Infrastructure Planning
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization
  • Optimization of Technical Application Architecture
  • Project Management – Large development and large infrastructure projects, including Technology Roadmap development and Infrastructure Design

Procurement and contract management

  • Outsourcing planning and readiness
  • Evaluation of alternative outsourcing pricing models
  • Journey to Cloud: baseline, planning and pricing models evaluation
  • Software license optimization

WAS (Websphere)

  • Volume and trend analysis of WAS
  • WAS health check
  • Problem Determination (root cause)


  • Storage Performance and Capacity Planning


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