Happy retirement to Carsten Rasmussen, Senior ITBI Consultant

Happy retirement to Carsten Rasmussen, Senior ITBI Consultant

After 12 years of successful collaboration, our dear colleague Carsten Rasmussen has taken a new step in his career and retired from his position as ITBI Consultant at SMT Data. February 27, the SMT Data team and its Board of Directors thanked him for his loyal and dedicated service throughout the years with a private reception at SMT Data’s Headquarter.

“Since the announcement of his retirement, we have received many confirmations from Carsten’s customers stating how wonderful a service they have received from him.” Says Mads Ehlers Rasmussen, Co-CEO of SMT Data. It was with the same sentiments of gratitude and affection that we all said goodbye to him on Monday.

“Carsten has excelled in both mainframe-specific competence – profiling himself as one of the most prominent experts within capacity management, especially in the area of DB2 analysis – and in terms of customer service. But most of all, he has been a mentor and a great inspirator for all his colleagues, from junior to senior.” says Mads Ehlers Rasmussen. “We thank Carsten for the many years of commitment to SMT Data and its customers and for his great help in developing our software solution, ITBI™, and the relation to our valued customers. We wish Carsten a happy retirement.”

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