CMG IMPACT 2024: Don't miss these sessions

CMG IMPACT 2024: Don’t miss these sessions

The Computer Measurement Group’s (CMG) annual IMPACT Conference 2024 is just around the corner, and you do not want to miss the session lineup this year!

The conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on February 6th-7th, 2024. With the slogan “REBOOT, REFACTOR, RECONNECT”, the conference will explore several important themes within the IT business including Performance and Capacity, Risk Management, and AIOps.

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This year, we’re at SMT Data gold sponsors of the conference, and we’ve had the chance to look over the program and would like to highlight two specific sessions.

Selecting a mainframe performance analytics platform

Jonathan Gladstone, Manager of Mainframe Performance & Capacity at Bank of Montreal will host a session with the title “Selecting a mainframe performance analytics platform”.

Jonathan’s presentation is about preparing for the future and acquiring a solution for mainframe performance analysis that is accessible for the entire organization. About the session, Jonathan says:

“Almost ten years ago I started exploring the possibility of moving away from homegrown mainframe performance analytics at the Bank of Montreal. Over a few years I built a long list of possible products and vendors, put together a cross disciplinary team who shared my interest, and eventually selected a vendor and tool to work with. This is (mostly) the story of how we went from long list, to short list, to selecting a single vendor.”

The session will take place on February 7, 10:50-11:35 AM (EST) in the Community Room.

The Pitfalls and Tradeoffs in Allocating Mainframe Costs to the Business

Another important session will be hosted by Steven Thomas, Chief Technology Officer at SMT Data, who will present on “The Pitfalls and Tradeoffs in Allocating Mainframe Costs to the Business”. The presentation will help you understand:

  • What input data, especially which SMF types and fields typically form the basis of cost allocation.
  • What are the typical mapping strategies that customers have used to allocate costs.
  • What are some of the tradeoffs and pitfalls involved in various approaches.
  • Key success criteria like good data, tools and processes.

The breakout session is on February 6, 10:00-10:45 AM (EST) in the Event Center.

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For additional information, discount on registration, and booking of one-to-one meetings during the conference, please contact SMT Data here.


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