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User management.

As Tech Admin in ITBI you have the control to administrate and manage the users in your company’s ITBI domain. This means you can:

  • Add users
  • Delete users
  • Change users’ ITBI access level
  • See when users last logged in

You find all user management options on the page ‘User management’ in the ITBI portal, which you find by:

  • Clicking on the ‘Settings’-icon ⚙️ in the header-menu
  • And then choosing ‘User management’

How to add users

If you want to add users to your company’s ITBI domain you go to the user management site as described above. The page will open with a table showing all users in your domain. Here you:

  • Click on the blue button ‘Add user’

Now a pop-up window appears. In the window you:

  • Insert First- and Last name on the new user in the field ‘Name’
  • Insert their corporate e-mail address in the field ‘Email’
  • Select access level
  • Click ‘Add user’

Then the pop-up window changes. It now holds the information of your new user. Remember to share this information with the new user – an e-mail will not be sent to them automatically.

If the user already exists you will get an ‘Error’ message.

Please note you can only add users one at a time.

You have the flexibility to add additional users to your domain, even if it exceeds the user limit specified in your contract with SMT Data. In the event that you exceed this limit, appropriate invoicing will be applied to accommodate the additional users.

How to delete users

If you want to delete users to your company’s ITBI domain, you also do this from the ‘User management’ page.

In the table shown, you click ‘Delete’ in the row with the user you want to delete, and then a new pop-up window appears where it will make you verify whether or not you want to delete the user. Click ‘Delete’ again.

The user has now been removed from your company’s ITBI domain.

How to edit users

If you want to edit a user’s access level to ITBI you click on ‘Edit’ on the user management site in the row of the user, you want to edit. Then you select the new user level by clicking in the check box and click ‘Save’. You can also deselect levels by clicking on the checkmark and pressing ‘Save’.

Note that you can’t deselect your own ‘Tech Admin’ role, but you can give another user the Tech Admin level, so they also can manage users and transfer data.


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