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SSO & AD integration.

In this guide you will get an overview on how the AD Integration & SSO with ITBIaaS is set up including the openID coonect authorization code flow and the IdP requirements.

OpenID Connect Authorization Code Flow

IdP Requirements

IdP Discovery Document (Well-Known Configuration)

  • Discovery URL (Usually ‘/.well-known/openid-configuration’) (provided by IdP)

Client Registration Details

  • Client ID: Unique identifier for the Relying Party (provided by IdP)
  • Client Secret: Secret known only by the Relying Party and IdP (provided by IdP)
  • Redirect URIs: Allow Relying Party Callback URL (Allow by IdP)

Supported Scopes

  • ‘openid’, ‘profile’, ’email’

Claim/Attribute Mapping

  • What claims will be included from the IdP in the ID token (e.g., ‘sub’, ‘name’, ’email’)

Token Audience Restriction

  • IdP can optionally provide a ‘aud’ claim to be used by RP


Next step

Please contact for callback URL and further instructions on how to test the flow.

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