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MFA guide:

How to log on with two-factor authentication.

In this guide you will get to know how to log on with two-factor authentication/MFA.


  • Smartphone
  • Authenticator app (Microsoft Authenticator / Authy / Or similar)


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To set up the two-factor authentication (MFA) you go to and click the ‘Sign in’ button. On the login page, you write your login details and click ‘Sign in’.

You will now be directed to a site with three steps listed.

1) Download an Authenticator app on your smartphone


2) Scan the QR code shown in your browser using the app

In the Microsoft Authenticator app you can scan the code by clicking ‘Verified IDs’ in the lower right corner of the app followed by clicking ‘Scan QR code’

If you’re having trouble with step two, the most common error is that you disallowed the app to use the camera upon installation. You can change your consent by going to the ‘Settings’-app on your phone, locate the app, and enable camera.

If the QR scan still doesn’t work for you, you can manually enter the verification code for the pairing. You can find the verification code by clicking ‘Still having trouble?’

When you’ve paired your authenticator app, go back to the tab with your ID, in the case of the Microsoft Authenticator app it’s simply called ‘Authenticator’. Here the app will generate a code every 30 seconds that you need to use when signing in to ITBI.


3) Click ‘Continue’ in your browser

You’re now directed to a page where you can input your one-time password from the authenticator app continued by clicking ‘Verify’. Make sure to input your one-time password before it runs out.


You’re now logged into ITBI. Please note that when you configure your authenticator app for the first time, it will take up to 1 minute until you see the ITBI front page.

Subsequent logins

After configuring your authenticator app with ITBI the login process will be as follows:

  • Go to and click ‘Sign in’
  • Write your login credentials and click ‘Sign in’ again
  • In the User details box that shows next, you input the one-time password, your authenticator app gives you. Click ‘Verify’
  • You’re now logged into ITBI.


Note: If you lose access to your Authenticator app e.g., if your smartphone breaks, you can reset your account by writing SMT Data’s support on