The pitfalls and tradeoffs in allocating mainframe costs to the business

SMT Data’s CTO Steven Thomas will represent the company at the CMG IMPACT 2024 Conference in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Steven will host a breakout session with the title: “The pitfalls and tradeoffs in allocating mainframe costs to the business”.

The conference will take place February 6 – 7, 2024.


Most companies struggle to create business value from the huge amounts of capacity and performance data available to them. Questions like ‘who is using how much, when, at what cost and why?’ often result in ambiguous answers because of the complexity involved in mapping technical measurements such as SMF to applications and organizations. Part of the complexity is finding a balance between three opposing approaches: what is technically correct, what is fair or at least politically acceptable, and what is simple to implement and explain. Good data, tools and processes are also critical for success. This presentation is based on SMT Data’s many years of experience helping customers implement mainframe-based cost allocation. It discusses the common approaches and illustrates the pitfalls and tradeoffs that customers face.

This presentation helps you understand:

  • What input data, especially which SMF types and fields typically form the basis of cost allocation.
  • What are the typical mapping strategies that customers have used to allocate costs.
  • What are some of the tradeoffs and pitfalls involved in various approaches.
  • Key success criteria like good data, tools and processes.

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  • Steven Thomas
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Date: February 6, 2024
Time: 10:00 - 10:45 Eastern Standard Time