Five Different Performance Insights: A Practical Overview

SMT Data’s Senior ITBI Consultant Mary Solomon will present on the GSE UK Virtual Conference 2024.

Mary will host a session with the title: “Five Different Performance Insights: A Practical Overview”.


LPAR Configuration – Reviewing and monitoring LPAR configuration is essential for maintaining optimal performance, especially in a shared mainframe environment.

CICS Performance Measurements – The effectiveness of a COBOL to JAVA migration can be measured by checking on the amount of offloading from the CP to the zIIP. This metric is key for all levels of management to understand the benefits of migration projects.

IMS Performance Measurement – Mostly we check for transaction counts and CPU usage, another key metric to monitor is the number of abends in an OLTP (IMS environment). Investigation of the abends will lead to the root cause which could be due to program changes, broken connections, etc.

z Connect – Today, with zOS Connect, IBM Z application developers can create RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer) APIs (Application Programming Interface). SMF123 provides insights into connection details, helping in understanding user interactions, API calls, and connection pathways for thorough investigation and analysis.

DISK DCOLLECT – While mainframers often say storage is cheap, But it takes CPU cycles to move datasets from one level of storage to the other. Organizations have invested in Petabytes of storage without knowing which datasets are active and what has been migrated and Backup. Reclamation of this space will help to manage the storage efficiently and effectively.

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  • Mary Solomon
    Senior ITBI Consultant


Date: April 23, 2024
Time: 09:00 - 10:00 British Summer Time