hari candadai

Hari Canadai

Proven marketing leader with disruptive category experience – 20+ years building and scaling global product marketing and content strategy teams for high-growth companies helping exceed revenue goals.
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ingrid martin

Ingrid Martin

Ingrid Martin comes with a strong background within sales, as well as a broad and deep IT knowledge. Ingird has covered roles as IT Sales executive for various companies, and has experience as a successful IT entrepreneur. She has been working both in the DACH Region and in different European countries.
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bolette haahr

Bolette Haahr

Bolette Haahr has been part of SMT Data marketing team since March 2021. Bolette’s focus is on SMT Data’s social media and digital marketing communication. Bolette is currently on maternity leave. Contact Bolette on: bolette.haahr@smtdata.com
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sara frederiksen garbul

Sara Garbul

Sara Garbul joined the SMT Data marketing team in October 2022. Sara works with SMT Data’s online platforms, is producing newsletters, and manages the website. Contact Sara on: sga@smtdata.com
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jørgen lund

Jørgen Lund

Jørgen Lund is one of the co-Founders of SMT Data. Jørgen has more than 30 years from a wide variety of mainframe installations and is specialized in installation, support, and managed operations for SMT Data products.
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erik westergaard

Erik Westergaard

Erik Westergaard is the founder and former CEO of SMT Data. Erik has more than 40 years of experienced work in the IT industry with focus on capacity planning and performance management.
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ralph amirtharaj

Ralph Amirtharaj

Ralph Amirtharaj joined SMT Data in 2019. Ralph holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering and has extensive experience in Mainframe Architecture, Performance Architecture and Consulting, Performance and capacity Management, Database Administration, Application Performance Tuning and Distributed Capacity Planning.
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mary solomon

Mary Solomon

Mary Solomon has been part of the SMT Data team of mainframe consultants since 2018. Mary has an MCA in Computer Application from Sastra University and over 10 years of mainframe experience.
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jens olesen

Jens Olesen

Jens Olesen joined SMT Data in 2007. His main focus is helping customers maximize the benefits of using ITBI. Before joining SMT Data, Jens has worked as consultant for various international financial institutions. He has an extensive experience in technical architecture and cost optimization of infrastructure, middleware and applications on different platforms.
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