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Customer case: Posten Norge AS

Controlling IT cost in an outsourced environment

Towering above central Oslo you find the headquarters of the Nordic mail and logistics group, Posten Norge. The group has 20.000 employees whose combined efforts ensure the delivery of more than 40 million parcels and 2 billion letters per year.


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  • To keep focus on IT cost reduction in an outsourced environment
  • Provide fact based decision support for IT (like all other business areas)
  • Establish a balanced and equal dialogue with the outsourcer


  • Implementing ITBIaaS for all major platforms


  • Fact based IT-decisions for: Management, Finance, Application Development and IT-operations
  • Transparency leads to better control of the outsourced environment
  • Significant cost reductions and ROI in a few months

Posten Norge AS is a Nordic mail and logistics group that develops and delivers complete solutions within postal services, communications and logistics, with the Nordic area as its local market.


Ensuring efficient IT sourcing and vendor management in an organisation of this size is no small feat. Nevertheless, Director of IT Sourcing & Vendor Mgmt, Sven Langerak, has been running a tight ship through more than ten years at Posten Norge.

Initially Sven Langerak was impressed by SMT Data’s confidence in their ability to quickly provide insights that would lead to significant cost reductions.

Interestingly, the ability to now make fact-based decisions on the sizing and usage also implies that decisions were previously made on a much less informed basis, i.e. on assumptions.

When asked about which other businesses could benefit from the services of SMT Data, Sven Langerak concludes: “This is not industry dependent, that is the beauty of it. As long as it has to do with IT infrastructure – you will achieve significant advantages”.


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