Customer cases

Customer case: DNB A/S

Mainframe optimization in an outsourced environment

DNB, one of the largest Financial Services groups in the Nordic region, saved 25% on their MIPS cost with the help of SMT Data’s ITBI™ solution.


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  • Discovering suspicious consumption trends
  • Identifying the origin of the incidents
  • Monitoring mitigating actions over time


  • Utilizing ITBI for z/OS Saas


  • 25% Reduction of total MIPS consumption over 1 year
  • Trustworthty and fact-based dialog with management and project reporting
  • Significant cost savings

Customer case: DNB A/S

DNB is Norway’s largest financial services group and among the biggest in the Nordic region. The group offers a broad range of financial services and has several international branches and representative offices, among which operations in Sweden and private banking in Luxembourg. The bank employees over 9.500 people and has ca. 2 million private customers and 210.000 corporate customers.


Like most of the banks, DNB has a multitude of legacy systems. Even if their functionality and consumption trends are well known by the employees in the Application and Platform Optimization (APO) team, when new problems arise, finding the actual origin of the incident can be challenging. For this reason, since 2011, DNB has been using ITBI™ for z/OS to watch over the outsourced Mainframe and support the APO-team in their daily activities. Using ITBIaaS for z/OS, the APO team has succeeded in reducing its total MIPS consumption by 25% within one year, by identifying a long-term trend, finding its origin, and solving it over a number of steps.

“If anyone would have told me a few years ago: you will find 25% of MIPS savings in your Mainframe installation I would have said: ‘You are slightly optimistic here, aren’t you?’.” says Audun Faaberg.

Audun Faaberg, Performance Specialist at DNB has a long experience in optimizing Mainframe capacity, as well as finding and fixing all possible issues that can affect performance, capacity usage and costs on the Mainframe. Audun and the rest of the APO-team at DNB therefore did not expect to be able to find significant savings on their outsourced Mainframe.

”The data extracted by ITBI helped us visualize the story – says Audun Faaberg – and was therefore a fundamental element in guaranteeing the needed management support for the optimization project, ultimately leading to very impressing savings.”

”There is no doubt that this was a career-defining project for me and the rest of the APO-team. ITBI was confirmed to be a powerful tool in helping an experienced team focus on the right things at the right time and gathering our as well as the management’s attention on what was really important to solve a serious issue and create tremendous savings for DNB.” says Audun Faaberg.


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