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Customer case: COOP

Fact based IT optimization

“Supermarket customers are basically an unfaithful lot. If we don’t have what they need, seconds later they are out of the store and on their way to the competitor” Leon Bredo Jensen, head of IT-Operations at Coop, states this as a fact of life – something to be dealt with, not whined about.


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  • To bring IT performance up to optimum level of cost effectiveness while enhancing its worth as a tool for Coop’s business.


  • Entering into a Managed Services agreement with SMT Data in order to get maximum performance out of already installed IT Business Intelligence solutions.


  • Complete transparency across all parameters of IT usage.
  • Significant capacity cost reductions in both mainframe and Windows environments

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Coop is Denmark’s biggest supermarket chain with 36,000 employees, and more than 1,200 stores branded Super Brugsen, Kvickly, DagliBrugsen, Fakta, and Irma. Its history goes back to the start of the cooperative movement in 1844.


Manage your IT just as well as your organization manages your business. The Transparency Case Study tells how COOP in Denmark uses ITBI to work as excellent with their IT as they operate their retail business.

“IT Business Intelligence takes the guesswork out of our jobs. We don’t work with assumptions anymore – we are fact-based.” Leon Bredo Jensen, Coop


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