SMT Data new brand and visual identity

SMT Data new brand and visual identity

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new brand identity and website, marking a new step in SMT Data’s evolution. Since 1990, SMT Data has been a pioneer in IT capacity and performance management. Our new brand reflects what the company is today, the values that we stand for and that guide our interactions with our customers, partners and suppliers, and the path that we are moving on.

Our new brand is solid, essential, and adaptive. Solid as the support that we always strive to be for our customers. Essential as the simple and user-friendly solutions that we offer. Adaptive, mirroring our ambition to always use the latest technologies to help our customers be in control of their IT Capacity and Performance, thereby achieving their business objectives.

The developments we have undergone during the last years have moved SMT Data to become a center of expertise for Capacity and Performance across multiple platforms. Our new corporate logo symbolizes this by merging the symbols of our new product logos: ITBI™ Z for Mainframe, S for Servers, and E for Enterprise.

“The rebranding of SMT Data is an important part of our development journey and a milestone marking yet another phase of the development of our company” – says Nils Kierkegaard, Chairman of the Board. “This step is in line with the strategy that we laid a few years ago and that has, among other things led to the appointment of a new management team last year. SMT Data is being renewed from within with new people joining the company and enriching it with new competences, and with the adaptation of new technologies enabling our software solution and our services to maintain, broaden, and strengthen their relevance for our customers.”

For more information contact: Patrizia Venturelli Christensen, Co-CEO

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