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Is the outsourcer delivering and invoicing as agreed?

How to ensure control and transparency in outsourced IT operational environments.
A typical use case:


The customer had outsourced their mainframe and midrange (Windows and Linux) to a service provider. The invoice from the outsourcer was higher […]

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If the IT organization cannot relate IT operational costs to Application Development activities and the IT organization cannot explain to the business why costs are increasing and how the cost increases are related to applications, […]

  • BI versus ITBI

BI versus ITBI

BI is for managing your general business. ITBI is for managing your IT itself and managing the relationship between IT and business.

Conventional Business Intelligence (BI)
In conventional Business Intelligence (BI) the idea is to transform a […]

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The key challenges to lower the cost baseline

The key challenges most large companies are facing can be related to the IT infrastructure, application development, IT finance or related to the lack of information available for business and senior management.

IT Infrastructure
Optimizing the IT […]

  • cio dilemma

The CIO’s dilemma

This is the CIO’s dilemma: Budgets are being cut or at best kept flat, IT environment complexity is ever increasing, business and user requirements are growing continuously and the assisting technical staff is reduced again […]

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The usual suspects

Typical findings, benefits and usage areas

ITBI gives companies the ability to exchange complexity for transparency, ensuring efficient and effective IT management.
These are typical findings and advantages from using ITBI:
Reduce time spent on reporting, capacity- and performance […]

  • business value from capacity data

Business Value from Capacity and Performance Data

Most companies struggle to create value from the huge amounts of data available to them on all aspects of their IT installation. These data include measurements of performance, capacity, availability and usage for every hardware […]