Server Rightsizing Evaluation

In a typical large IT installation, more than half of the servers are either idle or severely underutilized.

Some servers have much more capacity than they need to be able to run their workload smoothly. Some of them are not doing any useful work at all but have simply been forgotten and never decommissioned. SMT Data’s Servers Rightsizing Evaluation uses ITBI™ to gather capacity and performance data from the Customer’s Windows- and Linux server environments. The data is then used to identify immediate savings on costs of server usage, by finding the optimal server and software license size.


A typical large server installation has 50-60% overcapacity and an idle server consumes around 70% of electricity compared to a fully utilized server. On top of this expensive software licenses can be reduced by rightsizing.

The Rightsizing Potential is based on the IT Business Intelligence tool (ITBI) to gather capacity and performance data from the Customer’s Windows and Linux server environment in order to identify savings potential.

What we will deliver

SMT Data installs an ITBI™ data collector on a server in the Customer’s environment and gathers data about capacity and performance from each Windows and Linux server for a period of 2-3 weeks. This data is safely uploaded to the ITBI Data Lake for Big Data analysis by SMT Data’s expert consultants.

The result of the analysis is presented to the Customer by SMT Data and includes:

  • An indication of the capacity utilization and rightsizing potential
  • A prioritized list of rightsizing recommendations and expected results
  • Specific examples showing detailed utilization reports for selected servers
  • Overall conclusions and recommended next steps

Typical next steps

Business Mapping:

  • The technical data can be enriched with business mapping data, identifying which organizational unit each server belongs to.

Customer access to ITBI:

  • The customer can get access to the ITBI tool and get trained in the discipline of continuous rightsizing by SMT Data’s consultants.


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Time frame

1-2 months

Customer requirements

The Customer provides a server and the necessary authorizations for installation and execution of the collector software.

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