ITBI™-based capacity & performance Health-check

Delivering excellent service levels while keeping capacity costs as low as possible is becoming more and more complex. The “ITBI-based Capacity and Performance Health-check” uses the ITBI Enterprise solution to help address this challenge. This service looks across the mainframe and server environments and answers several important questions:

  • Are there servers with too much or too little capacity?
  • What are the primary bottlenecks and cost drivers on the mainframe?
  • How do the mainframe and server environments interact from a capacity and performance perspective?

This results in specific recommendations to save capacity costs while maintaining or improving service levels.


The objective of this offering is to analyze performance and capacity data from the customer’s mainframe and server environments and recommend specific actions to reduce costs and improve service levels.

What we will deliver

SMT Data gathers performance and capacity data from the customer’s current mainframe and server environment.  For the mainframe this involves offloading SMF data to SMT Data’s ITBI cloud environment. For Windows and Linux servers, SMT Data installs an ITBI collector program on a server in the customer’s environment. The collector gathers and transfers server performance and capacity data to SMT Data. The technical data is optionally enriched with business mapping data, identifying which part of the organization or which applications are consuming capacity and driving costs.

SMT Data consultants analyze the data using the ITBI solution and document the findings and recommendations. The specific scope and focus of the analysis will be agreed with the customer and will typically include:

  1. Server rightsizing potential
    • Which servers have too much CPU, memory or disk capacity and are potential candidates for decreased capacity which can lead to cost savings?
    • Which servers have too little CPU, memory or disk capacity and are potential candidates for increased capacity to improve service levels?
  2. Mainframe optimization potential
    • What are the primary cost drivers based on the customers payment model?
    • Where are there significant performance bottlenecks that can result in poor quality of service?
    • Is the configuration of the mainframe appropriate for the workloads?
    • Are there ‘rogue workloads’, that is low priority workloads consuming significant resources during peak periods?
  3. Cross platform
    • Have there been significant changes or anomalies in performance or capacity usage during the period and what was the root cause?
  4. Business Mapping
    • If available, mapping will allow the above findings to be broken down by business area or application.

The Customer is provided access to the ITBI environment on a cloud server for an agreed period of time to do further analysis or better understand the findings and recommendations.


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Time frame

A typical project takes 1-3 months.

Customer requirements

The Customer provides SMF data from the mainframe environment and a server and the necessary authorizations for installation and execution of the collector software for the server environment.

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