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JN Data

Fact based cost distribution


  • Ensure competitive power for a variety of different and competing customers / owners
  • Providing IT-operations in a growing and changing IT-environment, that are safe, stable and cost efficient
  • Maintain a fact-based and highly detailed cost distribution model between the owners / customers


  • Implementing a cross customer Capacity Management Committee, with monthly meetings
  • Daily insight into the development of the capacity-driven invoicing based on ITBI


  • One common language and one common truth
  • Substantial savings in operational costs are realized
  • JN Data now rates in the top of its industry in terms of cost*

* Rating by Compass

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”SMT gives us deep insight and a sensible explanation for a lot of things. In turn, that gives us the opportunity to see things in a structured manner and to communicate with our customers in a way they can accept.”

“We have used different stages of this software for more than twenty years and we have co-developed on it along the way. For instance, what we call shadow invoicing, which is to say internal settlement of various services, which we use to explain why IT costs money – but also for the purpose of behavior adjustment. A lot of people were doing stuff that was inappropriate and you can track this if you follow things and have a history of your transactions. We have used SMT accounting software for this and we have been part of devel­oping it. We still use it for that purpose.”

”Remember, just a few years ago the prime cost was the hardware. Today, it’s the software. So knowing about mainframe and optimizing its cost structure also calls for insight into the way your applications are put together, structured and used. And that is one of the things SMT’s tools make possible for us.”